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Probably you have at one time or the other experienced some problems when working at your computer. You might have encountered some errors, or even your computer shuts itself down. Deciphering the nature of the computer problem and fixing that problem can be difficult. Here are the common computers problems which the system software could help you fix.

Missing DLL File

The dynamic library file houses crucial information for the operating system on how certain functions are supposed to be performed. Occasionally, your computer might lose the DLL files, or they get damaged by something else. When this happens, your PC could not be in a position to read the specific DL file. This implies that the computer would not know how certain situations will be responded to. You will end up having a corrupt file or a missing file when you perform certain functions such as saving. This problem can be rectified by downloading the DLL files back onto the PC.

Blue screen of death (BSoD)

This screen might appear as one of the scariest computer problems you might come across. However, it can be fixed very easily by just rebooting your computer. This STOP error might appear on the screen because of various reasons such as damaged software, failing hardware, problems with drivers, corrupt DLL files e.t.c. The solution for the blue screen is dependent on the computer’s problem. However, the blue screen provides one with the codes for identifying and fixing the computer problem.

Applications that fail to install

Inadequate hard drive space on your computer could be the main reason why some applications fail to install. In such a scenario, freeing up of some space is necessary. This will help to create additional space for the new app. This is among the computer problems which are least problematic. Freeing up the hard drive space can be done by deleting some folders and files that you do not need. These might be duplicate files, temporary files, and software’s data that you have uninstalled.

Applications run slowly

There are many reasons why your software could be running at tortoise speed. It might be due to computer problems which involve the operating system: the operating system could be missing updates, or the computer might not be having adequate hard drive space. Lack of adequate hard drive space can be fixed by cleaning, scanning and optimizing the hard drive.

Abnormal applications behavior

These are computer problems affecting applications. They might cause your programs to act so strangely. This can be resolved by conducting a search on the internet for the specific problem you might be experiencing. You can also consult the user manual for help.