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Unlike inclined roofs, flat roofs often demand special treatment, as they tend to be vulnerable to environmental conditions. Foam roofing is one of the newest methods of roofing that has succeeded where others failed when it comes to achieving quality flat roofing. There are different types of foam in the market but for roofing applications, Polyurethane is used. The roofing is installed through spraying where the material is heated and then fed into intricate spraying machines that help layout the foam on the roof area. The Agilis Technologies: evap coolers are widely used on foam roofing. Nevertheless, what is it that gives foam roofing an advantage over other types of roofing available today?

Distinct waterproofing abilities

hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjThe Polyurethane foam used in roofing is a unique kind of plastic with low density and weight. The plastic nature of the material therefore naturally makes it waterproof. It is sprayed while still in liquid state and then expands 20-30 times in volume to form a solid roof structure. The result of this transition from liquid to solid as well as the expansion ensures the foam fills in and adheres firmly to the surface below without need for seams or joints and thus eliminates weak spots for leaks to occur. Additionally, any low lying areas of the roof can simply be raised by adding extra layers of the foam, to avoid water ponding.

Quality insulating capacity

If energy conservation and taking control of your heating and cooling bills is a major concern, then you will appreciate the insulating capacity of foam roofing. The material has a high R-value that stands at 7.4, which makes it capable of providing more thermal resistance with use of less material. Spray foam allows the house maintain cool air during the hot seasons and warm air during cold seasons. The seamless nature of the roofing also adds to its insulation power as no air can pass through the roofing.

Versatility and durability

As far-fetched as it may sound, foam roofing can be dome on both new and replacement roofs, be it flat, domed, pitched or having any kind of rare shape. For old roofs, all it requires is a little cleaning and professional skill to get the roofing in place. This makes it a cost-effective and time-saving roof replacement procedure compared to stripping down an entire roof before installing a new one. Additionally, sprayed polyurethane roofs although lightweight will remain rigid and not sag. The roofing withstands normal expansion and contraction of a structure, keeping it protected from any external elements. The fact that protective coatings can be added to the roofing also boosts its durability.

Easy application and maintenance

gghghghghghgCompared to other types of roofing, foam takes a relatively short time to apply. The process also involves no major disruptions of a building’s operation. Provided you are working with a qualified contractor, you can expect little maintenance demands from the roof once it is installed. After years of service, the original coating may wither and the roof may only need to be revivified by the re-application of extra coatings after.

The benefits of foam roofing are encouraging enough for anyone that has been looking for a durable roofing solution. However, it is always important to ensure that you are working with professionals in order to achieve the desired results.